The Maccabeats Jam With Obama


In 2010 the Maccabeats became famous for their Hanukkah song “Candlelight,” which was a cover of Mike Tompkins’ “Dynamite,” which was itself a cover of Taio Cruz’s“Dynamite.” After their delightful music video became a YouTube sensation, the Yeshiva University student vocal group went on tour, released albums, and were featured on TV shows like “The Today Show.” This year they thought: Why did we stop at the green room? Let’s take the briefing room: the White House Press Briefing Room.

Behold “Barack Obama and Jewish Celebrities Singing Candlelight by The Maccabeats” which is, well, pretty much what it says it is. This clever mash-up features President Obama and a slew of Jewish celebrities covering the hit song. It is, therefore, a cover of their own cover of a cover. It’s all very meta.

While the new video may induce feelings of vertigo, it did get over 16,000 hits in its first 5 days, which makes it seem like people didn’t much mind that a Hanukkah-themed song was being released either several months late, or several months early. Not that college students are known for sticking to deadlines.

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