Jewniverse Goes to the Movies


Rainy summer night? Lazy evening at the beach? Stay-cation at home? Grab some snacks and settle in to a movie. You can watch most of these on Amazon Instant right now. Or later! Enjoy our daily picks.

Monday: Meet the amazing bubbe cooking duo of Berlin, in Oma and Bella, a gorgeous documentary made by Regina’s granddaughter.

Tuesday: New York City dating has never looked like this before! Putzel is a new indie rom-com, not to be missed.

Wednesday: No Place on Earth is unforgettable documentary about a family who slept through the Holocaust in a Ukrainian cave.

Thursday: Ever try to locate the intersection of a French bedroom farce and a romantic fairy tale? Look no further; Let My People Go is here.

Friday: A kooky Israeli family visits the concentration camps and towns of their father’s youth in Six Million and One.

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