Nice Jewish Derby Girls, From Fatal Dreidel to Mayhem Bialik


Ever heard of Fatal Dreidel? She’s a nice Jewish roller derby girl from Oakland, CA. How bout Mega Menace, the Jersey girl lawyer? Or perhaps, Chicagoans, you’re familiar with Matza Ball Breaker?

Some of what we love about these derby girls is the flash and sheer physicality of their sport. But the best thing about the sport may well be the Jewish derby names out there on the web. They practically read like a Hebrew school detention roster! Pnina Rosendoom, Hebrewno Mars, Torah a Hole in Her, and Kasha Vanquishes (hungry, anyone?). Others invoke famous Jewish personalities, like Queen Smashti, Ram Bam and even Mayhem Bialik (our favorite Jewish celebrity blogger). Their nicknames are sassy and pun-y, with just the right amount of Jew jokes thrown into the mix (don’t forget Yom Tripper!).

We loved them so much, we even made up some of our own. Would you battle it out on the rink with Race Paley? What about Gertrude Sideline’em or Slammy Davis Junior? Watch out for Bagel Jammer! And steer clear of Mekhits Hard.

You should try it. Once you’re on a roll, it’s hard to stop.

See how physical roller derbies can get:

Discover Tel Aviv Thunder Girls:

See some rollerskating Jews:

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