The Funniest Jewish ‘Broads’ on TV


For all the schlemiels who have the chutzpah to suggest that women aren’t funny, we have two words for you: “Broad City.” As in, Broad City, Comedy Central’s new hit show featuring two substance-using, cussing, and schtick-loving Jewish characters named Abbi and Ilana—played by their real life alter-egos Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

The show began as a web series before it was picked up by comedy goddess Amy Poehler and given its primetime slot on Comedy Central. In each episode the young protagonists bumble around NYC on something that is rarely seen on TV: an appropriate budget.

Abbi and Ilana do whatever it takes, from cleaning toilets at a boutique gym to temping—and they’re not exactly hitting fabulous boutiques like certain HBO characters. Whether they’re trying to navigate hipster parties with sketchy dudes, or barging into the men’s room because the ladies’ line is too long, these broads are living proof that when given the chance, ladies are just as willing let it all out (and we mean do mean all out) for the sake of our LOLs.


Watch an episode from the web series:

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