London’s ‘Buttmitzvah’ Gives Us Something to Smile About


Whether or not you memorized your haftarah portion, you are cordially invited to raise a glass and dance a raucous horah at London’s first ever queer Jewish club night. The venue, lauded for reviving the cabaret and making a home for daring performance art, is raising the gauntlet (filled with Manischewitz) to host a “Buttmitzvah” – combining the rituals of a bat/bar mitzvah celebration with a campy all-inclusive gay dance party.

Music, clubbing, bagels and drag queens are just some of the promised highlights at this affair. This  ‘ultimate cumming of age party’ was conceived by Josh Cole, a Jewish comedy producer with a passion for Jewish traditions. He has even arranged for a live klezmer band, “appearances” from Barbra Streisand and the late Amy Winehouse, and a “mildly inappropriate” bat/bar mitzvah speech to be recited by one lucky winner.

Cole put the word out on Facebook inviting, “Jews & Non-Jews, Chosen Ones & Unchosen Ones, Boys, Chicks & Boychiks, plus all those clever enough to have transcended gender.”

And for those brave enough: “Circumcision checks on the door for 10% off!”

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