Haggadahs by JDate


We dare you to go on a JDate seder. No, not a first date to somebody’s seder, but rather a JDate-themed seder, in which the four children—all eligible, naturally—take on a whole new meaning.

This brand new JDate-issued haggadah (no, seriously) is interactive, and full of hilarious snarky asides and pop culture references. There’s a link to a Freak Nasty song in the four questions. The traditional ten plagues are accompanied by a “First World Problems” version, which includes a cracked phone screen and your blender dying mid-smoothie. This haggadah even uses JDate profiles to tell the story of the Exodus.

We meet Str8NPharaoh (works in civil service, never goes to synagogue) and GunzNMoses (“I’m a shepherd by trade, but I really enjoy talking to bushes and shrubbery in my down time”). The irreverent tone is really fun (“Although God is omniscient, the angel of death is easily fooled by décor“), and the interactive graphics are a nice touch.

It’s a far cry from Maxwell House, but if you’re looking to add something a little edgier to your family seder, whip out your JDate Haggadah and you’re in for a treat (or at least a good story to tell on a date one day).

Watch the “Freak Nasty” video:

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