Fake bomb with ‘anti-Jewish writings’ on its package left at UC Berkeley


(JTA) — A man brought a fake bomb with “anti-Jewish writings” on the package into the University of California, Berkeley, Police Department.

Michael Fleming, 48, of Berkeley, was not charged with a hate crime despite the words on the bomb’s outside packaging, Berkleyside reported, citing police. The report said that during his arrest, Fleming also made “racial slurs towards the Jewish Culture” and yelled anti-Jewish statements “consistent” with the wording on the package.

A Nazi symbol also was drawn on the box, which included anti-Semitic statements and said “bomb inside.”

Fleming was charged last week with sending a false bomb designed to cause fear for one’s safety.

An X-ray of the box by a bomb technician discovered that there was no bomb inside, according to reports.

Fleming was captured on security videotape leaving the package in the lobby of the campus police.

A plea hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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