Far-right activists stage anti-Semitic hate speech incidents in Scandinavia on Yom Kippur


(JTA) — Several incidents involving anti-Semitic hate speech occurred in Scandinavia in what the World Jewish Congress said was a coordinated campaign by neo-Nazis on Yom Kippur.

Most of the incidents recorded on Sunday and Monday in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland involved the circulation of anti-Semitic pamphlets, sometimes in the form of small posters near Jewish community buildings. There was no violence in any of the incidents.

In Norrköping, a city located about 70 miles southwest of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, a handful of men from the Nordic Resistance Movement stood outside the local synagogue on Monday, which was Yom Kippur, with flags of their movement, the Jewish Central Council wrote in a statement. The synagogue was empty at the time.

“The Jews circumcise their babies so rabbis can suck blood from the penises of newborns and according to the Talmud they may have sex with children from the age of 3,” one of the posters seen at that demonstration said.

The World Jewish Congress in a statement saying the effort was “a string of coordinated actions on Yom Kippur targeting Jews” called on the nations to follow Finland’s example from earlier this year “and move swiftly to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement and rid its violent propaganda from our streets.”

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