NY will increase police presence in Jewish neighborhoods for High Holidays


(JTA) — The New York Police Department said it will increase its presence in Jewish neighborhoods before and during the High Holidays.

Increased foot patrols and specialized units such as counterterrorism teams will be deployed throughout the communities, Commissioner James O’Neill announced Wednesday. He said not all of them would be identifiable.

The NYPD has reported a 63 percent rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes throughout the city this year. Brooklyn’s heavily Jewish neighborhoods have seen a slew of attacks on visibly Jewish people over the past several weeks.

O’Neill appeared at a news conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“It’s my obligation as mayor to make sure the Jewish population is protected not just the High Holy Days but every day, and the sacred responsibility of the NYPD as well,” De Blasio said. “We’ve seen the rise of hate crimes in this city even this year compared to last year, but we cannot be afraid.”

He added: “We will not accept hatred in New York City.”

Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on Sunday, Sept. 29.

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