Posters glorifying Nazism hung at Arizona State U


(JTA) — Posters glorifying Nazism were found on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University for the second time in less than a year.

The posters, discovered on Sunday morning, read “Hitler was right,” “unity of our blood” and other comments deemed anti-Semitic, the Arizona Republic reported. Campus police removed the posters.

The university is investigating the origin of the posters, the newspaper reported, citing a statement from the university.

Similar flyers were posted around the Tempe campus in November.

The neo-Nazi organization Folksfront took credit for both sets of posters. Its website calls it “the official media source for the Folkish Resistance Movement, a National Socialist political organization based primarily out of North America.” It also said the group wants “to spread our message not only in North America but throughout the entire English-speaking world.”

Students returned to campus in mid-August.

“Ensuring the safety and security of our students is a top priority, and the university undertakes extensive efforts to ensure student safety is not compromised,” the statement said. “ASU is a community that values diversity, tolerance, respect and inclusion. We support open debate and honest disagreements, but not hateful rhetoric.”

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