Posters calling for destruction of ‘Israeli Apartheid Forces’ hung outside Tufts Hillel


(JTA) — Two dozen posters that are being called anti-Semitic were hung outside the Hillel center at Tufts University in suburban Boston.

The posters discovered Tuesday contained cartoons depicting militarized pigs, with at least one showing the pigs holding guns and calling for the destruction of the “Israeli Apartheid Forces and Amerikkan Pigs Which Fund it.”

Many of the images date to the 1960s and the Black Panther Party, and originally they were meant to disparage American military imperialism and the police state, The Associated Press reported.

Some of the posters were hung on the windows of the Granoff Family Hillel Center with the images facing inward. No other campus buildings were targeted, according to a statement released by Tufts Hillel.

“The derogatory images and symbolism in these posters were profoundly disturbing and hurtful to those targeted and to others in our community,” Tufts President Tony Monaco said in a statement that was sent by email to the Tufts community, according to the Tufts Daily student newspaper. “Recognizing these posters’ impact on our campus climate, we will fully investigate this matter and follow up appropriately on the results of that investigation.”

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