South Florida man arrested for threatening local synagogue, other Jewish groups


(JTA) — A South Florida man was arrested for making threats to a local synagogue.

Aventura police announced Saturday that they had arrested Nadim Siddiqui, 35, from Hollywood in connection with making threats to the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center and possibly other Jewish establishments.

Siddiqui became a “known nuisance in the area after a series of incidents many considered anti-Semitic, such as tipping over menorahs and repeatedly trespassing at a Jewish market,” according to the Miami Herald.

The arrest was part of a “coordinated investigation” involving local agencies, the State Attorney’s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI’s Miami bureau, the newspaper reported.

The arrest warrant includes enhanced charges for hate crimes, the ABC affiliate Local 10 News, reported.

Siddiqui has been arrested at least three times by Aventura police in the last few weeks, the Miami Herald reported. Twice in October he entered a kosher grocery store and damaged merchandise, including smashing a bottle of wine on the floor and throwing an egg from the store at its front window. On Dec. 4 he damaged a menorah in the lobby of a building in Aventura, according to Local 10 News.

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