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  • U.S. Calls Israeli Woman, 55, for Duty — in Afghanistan

    Orli Avior is 55 with a grown daughter and sells homemade jewelry to keep herself busy — not the usual Israeli candidate for a sudden stint in the U.S. military reserves. But her U.S. passport lists her as Gigi Banjak, and when papers came to her Netanya home calling up Command Sgt. Maj. Banjak to… More ▸

  • All the conflicts fit to print

    The New York Times has had several noteworthy pieces on Islamists and Israeli-Arab affairs over the last few days: Michael Kimmelman penned a piece on tension in the Gaza Strip between Palestinians’ secular orientation and life under Hamas Islamist rule: “Watching ‘Friends’ in Gaza: A Culture Clash.” The Ethicist, Randy Cohen, answers two readers’ question… More ▸

  • Fallen soldier

    The Los Angeles Times reports on the death of Jake Yelner, a member of the U.S. Air Force with Jewish roots: “He loved wearing the uniform. He loved serving his country,” his mother said. “I’m sure as a 24-year-old he had no idea he was going to die. He went to help the people of… More ▸

  • Jewish Feud in Afghanistan Garners Global Media Spotlight

    It sounds like an ancient rabbinic parable traversing generations of oral tradition: The infighting of the last two remaining Jews of a village costs them their Torah. But it’s a modern-day tale that takes place in the heart of war-torn Afghanistan. And it’s making headlines in the premier news organizations of the world. With all… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders in Britain Back Airstrikes Against Afghanistan

    British Jewish leaders are strongly backing the joint U.S.-British air strikes against Afghanistan. Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said the strikes were “no instinctive act of revenge, but a focused, precise strategic intervention designed to make our world a safer place.” British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the strongest European advocates of strikes against the… More ▸

  • Growing Tensions with Afghanistan Threatening Jewish Group’s Programs

    Like many other charitable groups, the American Jewish World Service is collecting money to benefit the victims of the devastating Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But in addition to helping those hurt by terrorism, the New York-based humanitarian group has faced another concern in recent weeks: fear that heightened tensions… More ▸

  • Jdc-shipped Matzoh Used in 17 Seders in Afghanistan

    The 17 remaining Jewish families living in Afghanistan made use of matzoh shipped to them by air by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) for Passover. According to the JDC, the shipment was picked up in time for seders in the cities of Herat and Kabul which were attended by an estimated 66 individuals…. More ▸

  • JDC Sends Matzoh to Afghanistan

    — The 17 remaining Jewish families in Afghanistan comprising 66 individuals in the cities of Kabul and Herat were air freighted a shipment of 288 pounds of matzoh for the Passover sedson, it was announced here today by the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). The shipment was part of the extensive program of the JDC… More ▸