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Jew dun goofed!

  • California synagogue convinces Mel Gibson that Jews are awesome

    Everyone knows Mel Gibson sucks. He gets insanely drunk, treats women like crap, and has been known to make an anti-Semitic remark or two. And while natural instinct would be to tar and feather the man, my mom always taught me that the best way to kill is with a two barrel shotgun kindness. So what’s… More ▸

  • Weiner’s mistress: He wanted a threesome with another man

    Interesting developments in the Weiner scandal that people stopped (or should have stopped) caring about a while ago: Apparently, Weiner’s mistress Traci Nobles is still trying to milk the story with a new tell-all book, and is now revealing some of the alleged conversations she had with the former congressman. Nobles told RadarOnline that the… More ▸

  • Adam Lambert gives his boyfriend the ol’ 1, 2

    Former “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland on Thursday night with his boyfriend (and “Big Brother” star) Sauli Koskinen after the two were thrown out of a bar for getting into a fistfight … with each other. The boys were charged with multiple assault charges and just barely managed to avoid some… More ▸

  • Anthony Weiner rocks the molestache

    Gawker posted a paparazzi photo of former congressman Anthony Weiner and his pregnant wife Huma Abedin. Weiner was wearing a Mets hat and sporting a brand new mustache, which wasn’t particularly flattering and made him seem a bit creepier than, well, usual. It is, however, it is a possibility that Weiner grew out his molestache for Movember,… More ▸

  • Oscars producer Brett Ratner resigns, causes host Eddie Murphy to quit

    “Tower Heist” director Brett Ratner was supposed to have the much coveted job of producing the 84th Academy Awards this year. He even brought the star of “Tower Heist,” Eddie Murphy, to be the host of the show. He was supposed to, anyway. But one comment during a Q&A session following the screening of the film has… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill’s awkward e-mail to Drake

    Jonah Hill sat down with Jay Leno on Monday and told him about a rather awkward yet funny accident he had a while back. As part of his well-buzzed diet, Hill keeps a daily track record of what he is eating, and then report via e-mail to his nutritionist the same day. However, one night… More ▸

  • Shia Labeouf gets in a fight… again.

    Hollywood’s bad boy (or lets face it, Hollywood’s biggest douchebag) has done it again. The actor was involved in yet another brawl, this time outside a bar in Vancouver. According to TMZ’s video, LaBeouf was punched by an anonymous shirtless guy with a beard (sounds like any other person in Vancouver to me) whom he allegedly started… More ▸

  • Ashton and Demi go on a Kabbalah themed camping trip

    One day after Yom Kippur, when the allegedly troubled couple attended services together at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were seen building a campfire outside of Santa Barbara near Cachuma Lake. [People] But they were not alone. In addition to the ubiquitous paparazzi, the pair were joined by Yehuda… More ▸

  • Drake shares his NBA “knowledge” for new video game ad

    There might not be any NBA basketball this year but it’s not stopping 2K Sports from releasing the brand new NBA2K12 video game Tuesday. The successful brand released a special commercial for the upcoming game, where athletes, fans and celebrities argue about who is the best NBA team of all time, and Drake is apparently… More ▸

  • Lea Michele hurt by ‘Modern Family’ actress comments

    Remember the Emmys?  Yeah that award show that was pretty much a real-life ad for Modern Family? Well, it seems like Sarah Hyland, who plays troubled teen Haley Dunphy on the hilarious ABC sitcom, didn’t have to win an Emmy to create headlines, all she had to do was make fun of the red dress… More ▸