Drake shares his NBA “knowledge” for new video game ad


Drake from the NBA2k12 commercial

There might not be any NBA basketball this year but it’s not stopping 2K Sports from releasing the brand new NBA2K12 video game Tuesday.

The successful brand released a special commercial for the upcoming game, where athletes, fans and celebrities argue about who is the best NBA team of all time, and Drake is apparently all about the 2011 Miami Heat. Yes, the LeBron, Wade and Bosh gang that lost the championship to the Dallas Mavericks this year.

Drake, who released the first single from his new album “Take Care,” claims that “Today’s Miami Heat plays above the rim. Larry Bird couldn’t even reach the rim.” Interesting choice from someone who seems like he knows enough about basketball, being a big Kentucky Wildcats fan.

Sorry Drake, you can’t compete with the other teams. 1996 Bulls. RINGs a bell?

Though it seems pretty fitting that he chose the team that was so focused on anything else but basketball this season. Maybe it’s a sign that he should just focus on his music.

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