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Jonah Hill

  • Jonah Hill and Don Lemon got into a weird Twitter fight

    It all started when CNN Weekend “Newsroom” anchor wanted to say hello to Hill. And then… Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn’t know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind. — Don Lemon (@DonLemonCNN) November 9, 2012 . @jonahhill Hardly. You’re not my… More ▸

  • Jewish celebrities react, debate in the wake of the Colorado theater shooting

    The horrific massacre early Friday in the Aurora, Colo. movie theater during the premiere screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” at midnight drew a lot of emotions and opinions from the American people, with Twitter being the main stage of expression. Jewish celebrities and lawmakers were also among the commentators. While some shared their feelings about the tragic event, other added their personal opinions regarding the hot topic of gun control. Here are some of the main tweets:
    Some celebrities shared their thoughts and prayers: More ▸

  • Jonah Hill’s head over heels for Dustin Hoffman’s daughter

    Jonah Hill seems to be dating Dustin Hoffman’s youngest daughter, Ali. The two were seen getting frozen yogurt yesterday at Pinkberry in Manhattan. Last March, when Hill appeared on Howard Stern’s show, he awkwardly evaded all questions about his romance with Ali. “She’s f**king incredible, she’s the greatest person I know. I’m happy,” he finally… More ▸

  • Sssss…. This week’s Weekly Sizzle!

    The Sizzle is back! The video that features the five most interesting stories that happened to Jewish celebrities this week. This week’s stories are: 1. Elle MacPherson calls out Howard Stern’s Jewiness 2. Jonah Hill on SNL: chubbier, ballsier, Jewier? 3. Jake Gyllenhaal is a hipster-killing machine in a new music video 4. Drake’s overly-sensual GQ interview 5. Birthday haiku… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill on SNL: chubbier, ballsier, Jewier?

    Just a week after Lindsay Lohan’s much-anticipated SNL appearance, Jonah Hill took the 30 Rock stage and brought a lot of his, umm, old self.
    Hill surprised many viewers with a few extra pounds, which made him look like his funny old self again and act like it too. A monologue that featured Tom Hanks (Kind of a cheap trick in my opinion. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Especially a sassy one who laughs at Hill for not winning an Oscars) was followed by a digital short that involves Hill getting countless tennis balls shot directly to his crotch (including a special one by John McEnroe). Honestly, call me a six-year-old, but I thought it was hilarious.
    Speaking of six-year olds, Hill brought back his good ol’ outspoken New Yorkish Jewish kid at Benihanas routine by trying to embarrass his dad (Bill Hader) as much as possible.
    Notable quotes: To Benihana cook: “I love your showmanship but please be careful with those knives, you’re giving me flashbacks from my bris! I don’t know if I should clap or cover my schmeckel!”
    “Based on what I read on my father’s JDate profile, his hobbies include ‘stretching the truth.’”
    On taking his dad’s Viagra: “I was just looking for a Flintstones chewable to help me to get through a tough Wednesday and I took a Schwartz pill by accident … Let’s just say it made for an interesting day at Hebrew school.”
    Ah, we missed you, Jonah.
    Unfortunately, the show brought below-average ratings, averaging 4.3 (as opposed to 5.5 with Lohan).
    Another notable performance was Andy Samberg’s bizarre Sarah Palin impersonation. Worth a look at the video and the rest of Hill’s sketches after the jump. More ▸

  • 6 No Bacon’s Spectacular Oscar recap!

    It wasn’t the funniest Academy Awards show. It wasn’t the most surprising Academy Awards show. It was definitely not the most interesting Academy Awards show. But watching the Academy Awards is kind of like going to see that great aunt you only see once a year — it can be long, boring, even funny at times. But eventually, while you are glad to get it over with, you’re also glad you went.
    Except for a handful of moments, nothing exceptional went down last night. And despite the fact that the Israeli entry lost to the Iranians, it was a pretty good show.
    After the jump, highlights of the show from a Jewish perspective (or in other words, from a general perspective): More ▸

  • Jonah Hill reveals his weight loss Kryptonite: beer

    Here’s a surprise — Jonah Hill loves beer. Apparently it is pretty much the only thing that blocks Hill from getting a six pack is, well, a six pack. “I tried to be healthier. I still drink beer — that’s my Achilles’ heel I think. I went to a nutritionist and I said, ‘I’ll lose… More ▸

  • Tssssss… This week’s Weekly Sizzle!

    Each week, 6 Degrees No Bacon, the Jewish celebrity blog, brings you the Weekly Sizzle, the six most interesting Jewish celebrity stories featuring commentary from our devoted correspondents. This week’s stories: 1. 2012 Oscar nomination are in! And they have Jews! And Israelis! 2. Is Drew Barrymore converting??? 3. Grandma Joan is maaaaaaad at Chelsea Handler 4. Maurice Sendak gives… More ▸