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Clash Occurs in Jerusalem when Orthodox Sect Protests Holding of Festival in City

A clash occurred in the New City of Jerusalem last night when members of the ultra-Orthodox sect known as “Neturei Karta”–Guardians of the City–staged a demonstration protesting the holding of a festival arranged by the Ministry of Religion on the occasion of the opening of “Jerusalem Week” here. The festival opened at a post-Sukkoth party arranged by the Ministry in cooperation with the municipality in the City Garden, located only a half-kilometer away from the Arab-held Old City.

Members of Neturei Karta protested against the holding of dancing in the area between young men and women. They also attacked several automobiles in the area, before they were dispersed by Israel police firing warning shots into the air.

Approximately 10,000 Jerusalem Jews visited King David’s tomb on Mount Zion today, many of them carrying traditional Lulavim and Ethrogim in honor of the Sukkoth holiday. Israel police and troops maintained order while Transjordan Army troops stationed on the wall of the Old City merely watched the procession.