Reporting from Postville
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Reporting from Postville

Since news broke of Monday’s federal raid at the country’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, the Des Moines Register has literally owned the story. Their site is overflowing with useful stuff, like:

  • This partial list of detainees, virtually every name Hispanic and held for misuse of social security numbers.
  • News that the plant’s owners, the Rubashkin family of Brooklyn, admitted they hired workers illegally at their New York distribution center.
  • Here’s a story about the anticipated economic impact of the arrests. Interesting aside: many of the workers in Postville rented housing from Gal Investments, which the story describes as “in an immediate pinch.” Check out their website – that house on the home page doesn’t look like Postville, does it?
  • *This is the Register’s main page of coverage of Postville, with links to videos and photos too.
  • A timeline of safety problems at the factory.
  • The Associated Press has a video report on raid.