Loose Change: No allocations cut for Baltimore, $500k for the AJC, Madoff victims talk
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Loose Change: No allocations cut for Baltimore, $500k for the AJC, Madoff victims talk

Hot off the Jewish presses:

  • The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore saw its income drop by $1.7 million, but it did not cut allocations, according to the Baltimore Jewish Times.
  • The victims of Bernie Madoff speak out, as the Forward has solicited letters from those bilked by Bernie.
  • A debate stirs around a poll that shows that one-third of Americans in some way blame Jews for the economic downturn, according to the New York Jewish Week.
  • Though some say that the economic downturn may be slowing, nonprofits in the Washington area have yet to see their pain ease and are still struggling with their budgets, reports the Washington Jewish Week.
  • The Ford Foundation gave the American Jewish Committee a $500,000 grant to help create new pathways to citizenship for immigrants, reports the New Jersey Jewish News.
  • The SEC formally charged Stanley Chais with implication in the Madoff sheme, according to the LA Jewish Journal’s God Blog.
  • Jewish organizations in New Jersey are stoked about the new money they are getting from the Office of Homeland Security, reports the New Jersey Jewish Standard.
  • The Hebrew Free Loan Association will open a chapter in Milwaukee, according to the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle. The paper also has more on the Helen Bader Foundation’s $10 million endowment for Jewish day school education.
  • After the longstanding Board of Rabbis in Philadelphia lost its funding from the area’s federation and its leader, another board is cropping up, according to the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.