News Shticker: Bibi’s techno remix, Jews on bikes, Duke to Maccabi
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News Shticker: Bibi’s techno remix, Jews on bikes, Duke to Maccabi

* Jon Scheyer, a Jewish 23-year-old former Duke basketball star, visited Israel last month, where he is joining the Maccabi Tel Aviv team. "There are so many reasons why it’s a great situation," said Scheyer, who is Jewish. "Being in Israel is great; of course, I have a connection to Israel because of my faith and where I’m from."
(Sports Illustrated)

* Benjamin Netanyahu and his comments about protests in Israel got a techno makeover from Noy Alooshe, an Israeli musician, who has made a number of satirical music videos parodying public figures. (Haaretz)

* Apparently getting tattooed is now a family affair: turns out Justin Bieber and his father got matching tattoos of the Hebrew word for “Jesus.” (Haaretz)

* Judoku, a new app for the iPad, has just been released. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: a Jewish version of the game Sudoku, using symbols like the Shofar and the Star of David instead of numbers. David Charon, who released the app, explained his motivations for creating it: He wanted Judaism to be accessible to his children in our increasingly media-dominated world, but also, he said, “frankly, I really just wanted to create something called judoku.” (JTA)

* Jewish motorcycle groups like the “Chai Riders,” “Hillel’s Angels” and “Shalom ‘n Chrome” are finally getting their moment in the spotlight. These motorcycle groups, all part of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, have been taking to the streets in order to commemorate the Holocaust, flying Israeli flags and displaying Jewish insignia as they ride. (Washington Post)