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Sarah Silverman talks to Leno about her dad’s response to Rabbi (VIDEO)

Several weeks have passed since Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt wrote an open letter in The Jewish Press to Sarah Silverman in which he blamed her provocative brand of comedy for the fact that she is not married and doesn’t have kids. Silverman’s dad already made news by firing back in the article’s comments section. But now we’ve finally heard from the foul-mouthed comic herself, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show.” It turns out that she’s taking the whole thing in stride, and thinks dad is doing alright, too. “He’s so horrified to now be famous,” Silverman said. “Just kidding: He loves it.” She added: “He acted mad, but it was definitely an opportunity for him to brag about all of his girls,” including her sister the rabbi and her sister’s daughter, who now serves in the IDF.

Watch the interview here: