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How Houston’s synagogues are handling the High Holidays after Harvey

How Houston’s synagogues are handling the High Holidays after Harvey

One is meeting in a megachurch, another in a social hall.

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Lorne Michaels

2017 Emmy Awards: On a historic night for diversity, ‘SNL’ quietly wins big

Lorne Michaels now holds the record for most Emmy nominations.

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‘Hot cop’ from Hurricane Irma selfie suspended over anti-Semitic Facebook posts

One of Michael Hamill's posts said Jews should be put "in an oven."

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U. of Maryland Denies Anti-Jewish Bias in Dormitory Assignments

Nasser Using Ex-Nazis to Guard Jews Held in Egyptian Prisons

Terrorist attacks spark anger, prayer

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Israel & Middle East

Worried about Jewish pluralism in Israel? So are Israelis.

Unlike the Israeli government, the Jewish public is more supportive than ever of religious pluralism, according to an annual survey.

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From 70 Faces Media

We Asked 5 Jewish Chefs What They Serve for Rosh Hashanah

All the Jews on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ this season, ranked

Are These New Comics Anti-Semitic or Just Kinda Harsh?

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Liberal Jews picket Paris synagogue hosting Jerusalem chief rabbi

The protest against Shlomo Amar underlined growing divisions among French Jews.

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