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Here’s why Marine Le Pen is confident she will be France’s next president

Here’s why Marine Le Pen is confident she will be France’s next president

The centrist Emmanuel Macron is a hit with young professionals, but the leader of the far-right National Front believes she'll attract more voters who feel left behind by immigration and globalization.

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United States

Trump mourns Jewish Holocaust victims and vows to fight anti-Semitism in speech to Jewish group

Trump’s remarks honed close to Jewish communal talking points, a stark contrast from his administration's January statement on the Holocaust, which omitted mention of Jews.

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Marine Le Pen

French Jews worried over Marine Le Pen’s success in presidential vote’s 1st round

Franncis Kalifat, president of the CRIF Jewish federation, called on voters to elect centrist Emmanuel Macron, who garnered the most votes in the election's first round.

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15 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

A Harry Potter Podcast Is My Unexpected Jewish Parenting Resource

This Jewish Scientist Discovered The Magic of THC

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This young chef is trying to make Ashkenazi food cool

A Chicago caterer, 26, wants to "reshape the way people think about having kosher food."

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