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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Why you should quit Facebook

    Shimi Cohen shows why social networks are killing us.

  • House call from the doctor of soul

    The new Shlomo Carlebach musical glosses over history, but sure is nice to listen to.

  • JTA 5773: Top 10 Rosh Hashondas

    JTA rounds up the top Jewish stories that made us cringe in 5773.

  • Warsaw Uprising, scored and in color

    The Warsaw Rising museum added color and sound to archival footage that it plans to release as a feature film in cinemas in Poland and abroad next year.

  • Ban in Jerusalem (UPDATED)

    The secretary-general of the United Nations made a rare acknowledgment that the organization over which he presides does not always treat Israel fairly.

  • Prisoner blowback

    With the first wave of Palestinian prisoners released this week, criticism of the move is mounting.

  • Who Israel released

    Israel has released a list of the 26 prisoners freed yesterday, including their crimes and prison sentences.

  • A short history of Jewish intermarriage

    Jews have been concerned about their future in a nation where intermarriage is common for decades.

  • VIDEO: Israelis, get out or you’re dead

    A speaker at a Toronto rally said Israelis should be given two minutes to leave Jerusalem or be shot.

  • Weinergate gets the ‘Daily Show’ treatment

    Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner are so gross, they broke Ewwww-o-meter designed to measure just how gross they are.