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  • Gymnast David Sender’s Olympic Games journey began in Israel

    Gymnast David Sender, a five-medal Maccabiah Games winner, seeks a place on the U.S. Olympic team.

  • No, Adam Yauch wasn’t a yeshiva boy, but we can still claim him

    Contrary to urban legend, the Beastie Boys didn’t go to yeshiva, but there is still good reason for Jews to be proud of late hip-hop legend Adam Yauch.

  • Is HBO’s ‘Girls’ about young women’s struggles, or some women’s privileges?

    Lena Dunham’s “Girls” has pretensions of representing the experience of a generation, but it depicts only a narrow — and privileged — segment of young women.

  • From planting to blessings, Boulder gets into Jewish food movement

    A partnership among funders, activists and environmental organizations in Boulder, Colo., is culminating with the Rocky Mountain Food Summit.

  • Share and share alike: Boulder’s Jewish community at work

    At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Jews of many organizational and denominational stripes are working together to forge a vibrant and innovative community.

  • Apres le beard: Matisyahu takes the stage in Boulder

    The Chasidic reggae superstar performs for the first time since shaving his trademark beard — and the crowd was happy.

  • Shh! Don’t talk about sex at Yeshiva University

    Students say that Yeshiva University’s reticence to talk publicly about student sexual activity ignores reality and makes it difficult for them to get information about health threats.

  • Sex story engulfs YU Beacon

    It’s not your typical college sex scandal. There are no accusations of molestation, inappropriate faculty-student relationships or date-rape charges. Instead, the precipitating incident was the publication by a student-run newspaper of an article purportedly by a female student describing a one-night stand. But this is Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, an Orthodox institution where…

  • The many hats of Mayim Bialik

    Actor, blogger and neuroscience PhD, Mayim Bialik is adding social justice to an already impressive portfolio.

  • At Brooklyn’s Jewish wedding expo, where were the brides?

    When the crowds started trinkling in Tuesday night to the Jewish wedding expo at Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall, there was everything you would expect to find at a wedding expo aimed at Orthodox Jews: kosher food venders offering deep-fried hors d’oeuvres and chocolate desserts, makeup booths, floral arrangers, videographers, wig sellers, dressmakers, musicians, and even a table espousing…