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  • Polish stone for Cuba’s Shoah memorial

    Cobblestones from Poland’s Warsaw Ghetto provide physical evidence of the Shoah at Cuba’s Holocaust memorial.

  • Cyprus’ new man in Washington

    Cyprus´ new ambassador to the United States — who previously represented his country in Tel Aviv — stands behind the "road map" peace plan and wants to push the process forward.

  • Israelis flock to Cuba

    Israel and Cuba haven’t had diplomatic relations since 1973, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Israelis from touring the Caribbean island.

  • Cuban hotel caters to Jews

    Care for an authentic Cuban mojito at the L’chaim bar? How about Israeli salad, matzah-ball soup and cheese blintzes? They’re all on the menu at Cuba’s first boutique hotel catering specifically to Jewish tourists.

  • Network helps Mexican Jews

    A Jewish employment agency is helping Mexico´s shrinking Jewish middle class find work, in an economy dependent on exports to the United States.

  • Miami is gateway for Latin Jews

    Just as New York was the U.S. gateway for Eastern European Jews escaping persecution 100 years ago, Miami today has become the gateway for thousands of Latin American Jews escaping economic instability.

  • Neighbors´ woes affect Uruguay´s Jews

    Economic hardships for Uruguay´s Jews are severe as the small country is hit by the economic meltdown of its neighbor, Argentina. Tourism and trade have dwindled in a country that once had the most equitable distribution of income in South America a

  • Brazil´s Jews struggle

    With the devaluation of Brazilian currency, middle-class Jews in Brazil are eating through their savings and facing poverty. Many professionals — including lawyers, doctors and engineers — are turning to welfare organizations to cover their ba

  • Jews worry about Venezuela’s democracy

    As Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez rails against globalization, threatens civili liberties and praises his heroes — Fidel Castro, Muammar Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein – the cowed Jewish community is keeping a low profile and watching many of its members le