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  • Land Day march highlights dilemmas facing Israel and its Arab citizens

    A mass demonstration by Israeli Arabs highlighted the core contradiction at the heart of the Israeli-Arab experience: demands for greater equality within Israeli society amid growing alienation from the Israeli state.

  • Is Bibi beholden to the right wing?

    The recent U.S.-Israel crisis raises the question of how beholden Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to the right wing that made him prime minister.

  • Salam Fayyad: The Palestinian with a plan for statehood

    Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad says he has a plan: Build a de facto Palestinian state by mid-2011, then with all the trappings of statehood in place, invite Israel to recognize the well-functioning Palestinian state and withdraw from territories it still occupies or be forced to do so by the pressure of international opinion.

  • Mossad chief seen as indispensable on Iran

    Despite the Mossad’s suspected role in the widely criticized assassination in Dubai of a Hamas operative, the intelligency agency’s chief Meir Dagan is unlikely to suffer many consequences given his centrality to Israel’s efforts against Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

  • NIF fracas: Defending Israel or destroying democracy?

    A campaign against the New Israel Fund — a U.S.-based organization that funds civil society activists in Israel — has sparked a fierce debate over the limits of free speech, the financing of NGOs, the dictates of loyalty to the state and, ultimately, over the fundamental values of Israel’s Zionist democracy.

  • Israel wants to see action from strong-talking Germany

    While German-Israeli ties appear better than ever, the gap between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s word and deed on Iran and growing anti-Zionism are nagging concerns for Israeli officials.

  • Can West Bank improvements hold in 2010?

    The year that just ended was the quietest between Israel and the West Bank in a decade. With the West Bank economy booming and security improving, can the quiet and prosperity be sustained in the absence of peace talks?

  • Fight against Adelson’s Israeli paper gets political

    Should a billionaire tycoon who lives abroad be entitled to use his money to influence Israeli political life?

  • EU ‘concludes’ that Israel must step up peace pace

    As the European Union revamps its foreign policy structure, Israel is considering the damage it could cause if EU-Israel ties continue to slide.

  • Settlers step up protests, but Netanyahu politically strong

    Jewish settlers are planning widespread protests and demonstrations, including blocking roads in Israel proper, with the aim of delegitimizing the government’s decision to accept a 10-month settlement freeze. But if the settlers are perceived as too extreme, their actions could actually hurt their public standing.