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  • U.S., Israel closing gaps on Iran and peacemaking

    Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s announcement of a settlement freeze and strong White House censure of Iran’s plans for new enrichment facilities, the United States and Israel seem close on these two important fronts. But nuanced differences remain.

  • Israeli soldiers spark fears, shift debate with protests

    Top Israeli political and military leaders are increasingly worried about several recent incidents involving soldiers publicly declaring their refusal to evacuate Jewish settlers from the West Bank.

  • Palestinian threat to declare statehood seeks to put onus on Israel

    With a threat to unilaterally declare statehood, Mahmoud Abbas is upping the ante to try to press the Israelis into making concessions ahead of negotiations.

  • Abbas’ threat to resign sparks fears

    Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama both fear that Mahmoud Abbas’ resignation could lead to instability, chaos and even violence in the Palestinian-populated territories.

  • Battle over Jerusalem heats up as Arabs let charges fly, Jews build

    In an intensifying struggle over Jerusalem, Arab leaders are accusing Israel of trying to undermine the mosque on the Temple Mount and Israel is backing Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem in a bid to keep the city under Israeli control.

  • Implications of Israeli inquiry into Goldstone present dilemma

    If Israel responds to the Goldstone report on last January’s Gaza war by setting up a civilian-led commission of inquiry, it could resolve the international brouhaha over the report. But it might cause chaos in the IDF.

  • Goldstone report hurting chances for peace talks

    In a variety of ways, the Goldstone report is having the unintended consequence of slowing a return to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiating table.

  • Obama’s Nobel, Israel’s problem?

    Israel is worried about the Obama administration being sucked into a seemingly aimless dialogue with Iran — and new pressure from the Nobel Peace Prize winner on concessions to the Palestinians.

  • Shalit video ignites debate, pressure for deal

    Besides dispelling doubts about Gilad Shalit’s physical well-being, the video’s public release was intended to soften any public opposition in Israel to the idea of trading hundreds of Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands for a single Israeli soldier.

  • 5769 in Israel: War in Gaza, Bibi returns, Iran threat looms

    For Israel, the Jewish year 5769 was dominated by two events with far-reaching regional repercussions: the return of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister and the 22-day military operation against Hamas in Gaza.