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  • Even as some Israelis worry about the price, Shalit deal sparks joy

    Though some Israelis expressed concern at the price for Gilad Shalit’s release — 1,000 Palestinian security prisoners, including convicted murderers — most said Israel had no choice: Gilad had to be brought home.

  • What is it about Israel that wins Nobels?

    The secret to Israel’s disproportionate share of Nobel Prizes? Theories range from the quality of Israel’s schools to Jewish didactic styles, the Israeli military-engineering complex, relative salaries in the sciences and, of course, Israeli obstinacy.

  • Can Labor’s new leader Shelly Yachimovich revive the party?

    The new leader of Israel’s Labor Party has a reputation as a social justice crusader at a time when such issues are roiling Israeli society. But will that be enough to turn around Labor’s fortunes in the next election?

  • In Ramallah, West Bank Palestinians divided between celebratory and cynical

    Palestinians interviewed by JTA on the day the Palestinian leader formally submitted a statehood bid to the United Nations are under no illusion that the move will lead to immediate statehood, but there is a sense in the West Bank that eventual statehood is inevitable.

  • Embassy attack stokes Israeli fears of new Egypt

    The attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo was the latest and perhaps most worrisome in a series of events south of the border that have Israel concerned that it faces a game-changer with the new Egypt.

  • Beyond religious and secular, some Israeli schools are forging a third way

    Some Israeli schools are straddling the religious-secular divide.

  • No end in sight for downward spiral in Turkish-Israeli ties

    The crisis in relations with Turkey poses problems on multiple fronts for Israel.

  • Six years on, lessons of Gaza withdrawal resonate for West Bank

    Any discussion of dismantling Jewish settlements in the West Bank is haunted by Israel’s experience six years ago this summer, when the removal of 9,000 settlers from their homes in the Gaza Strip was followed by a Hamas takeover of Gaza and rocket attacks against Israel.

  • Five years on, Shalit’s imprisonment an open wound for Israel

    Without a clear sign that a prisoner-exchange deal with Hamas is in the offing or even that Gilad Shalit is still alive, the plight of Israel’s famous captive soldier has become a symbol of what Israelis fear most.

  • Israel considers options on Palestinian statehood bid

    Israeli officials are focusing on trying to limit the diplomatic damage that a General Assembly resolution endorsing Palestinian statehood could cause and worrying about a possible outbreak of violence after September.