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  • For non-Jewish mothers raising Jewish children, things can get complicated

    A growing number of non-Jewish parents in America who have no plans to convert are raising Jewish children, marrying Jewish spouses, building Jewish homes and playing active roles in the Jewish community. But without plans to join the faith officially, their place in the Jewish community can be a bit complicated.

  • Balloons for Leiby

    Thousands of people turned out for the funeral of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, the Chasidic boy brutally murdered and dismembered in an attack that stunned his Brooklyn neighborhood. Last night, a delegation of non-Jewish neighbors showed up with balloons at a game of the Crown Heights Jewish Softball League. One woman said they came  to "show…

  • As men fade from Jewish communal life, men’s clubs push for revival

    Are men’s clubs the way to reverse the disappearance of boys and men from non-Orthodox Jewish life? Some efforts to revive men’s clubs are finding that men don’t want to get together without women or family.

  • Families settle mezuzah dispute with Chicago condo

    Two families and a Chicago condominium association settled their dispute over the removal of mezuzahs from the residents’ doorposts.

  • Jewish music nonprofit JDub is closing

    JDub, the innovative Jewish music and events promoter best known for launching the career of Chasidic reggae singer Matisyahu, is closing.

  • With flurry of new local studies, Jewish communities seeing trends and making changes

    In the last year and a half, 10 local studies of Jewish communities were completed, and major studies are under way in Cleveland, Chicago and New York City. Jewish communal leaders say the studies are vital to assess needs, raise money, plan and measure the effectiveness of existing programs.

  • Inaugural NYC Schlep to raise money for breast cancer research

    The first annual NYC Schlep on July 17 seeks to raise funds for breast cancer research in Israel and the United States.

  • Beyond canned food drives: Jewish food gardens donate bounty

    Jewish institutions like synagogues, JCCs and other organizations are cultivating food gardens to give food to the poor, reflecting an increasingly popular desire for more hands-on involvement when it comes to “food justice.”

  • Rabbi Basil Herring is out as RCA chief

    Rabbi Basil Herring is leaving his position as head of the Rabbinical Council of America.

  • Britain’s first ‘green’ Jewish cemetery to open

    Britain’s first “green” Jewish cemetery will open later this year.