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  • Who are the Jewish celebrities voting for?

    The election season is almost over, thankfully, but before the we all find out who is the next POTUS, we thought it would be interesting to look at the political preferences of some famous Jews. Some of the Jewish celebrities are very outspoken regarding their opinions, some are more quiet and most of them donate a lot of money.
    Check out the list, who knows, maybe it will change how you will vote (I really hope it won’t though):
    Republican Jewish Celebrities:
    Jerry Bruckheimer

    The producer behind “CSI,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Top Gun” and more has donated for the Bush, McCain and Romney campaigns More ▸

  • 18 Jewish celebrities doing (or wearing) American things

    Happy Fourth of July Everyone!
    America is celebrating its 236th birthday and we decided to show some of our favorite Jewish celebrities celebrating America the way it should be celebrated – by doing American things and wearing outrageously patriotic red, white and blue gear!
    So how are the Jewish celebrities celebrating the 4th?
    1. Natalie Portman is drinking a beer More ▸

  • Adam Sandler’s recent movie is about statutory rape

    Should “That’s My Boy” title change to “That’s my boy… I Got Through Statutory Rape”? A few months ago we reported about Adam Sandler’s and Andy Samberg’s newest feature film, in which Sandler once again plays a grown man who acts like a boy, with Samberg being his son from an affair Sandler’s character had as a… More ▸

  • Which Adam Sandler movie most deserves a Razzie? (Sizzle Poll)

    Earlier this week, we reported that the Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill won 10 Razzie Awards for worst in film, an all-time record. We thought this would be a great time to look back and admire Sandler, who has been nominated for the awards 16 times, and brought home the Razzie seven times (for… More ▸

  • Adam Sandler broke Razzie records with Jack and Jill

    The Razzies, the Oscars for movies that really really suck, were moved last year from the day before the Academy Awards to April Fools Day and this year the grand winner of my personal favorite award show is Adam Sandler, for his work in “Jack and Jill.” Sandler’s “masterpiece” collected a record-breaking ten Razzies out… More ▸

  • Adam Sandler further proves that he is an overgrown toddler

    …but in a good way. According to Reuter’s, Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions, is set to produce a movie based on the board game Candy Land. The team will be working with Sony and Hasbro to bring the game from the board to the big screen, with Kevin Lima to direct and “Kung Fu… More ▸

  • This week’s Weekly Sizzle!

    Each week, 6 Degrees No Bacon, the Jewish celebrity blog, brings you the Weekly Sizzle, the six most interesting Jewish celebrity stories featuring commentary from our devoted correspondents. This week’s stories: 1. Beastie Boys inducted into Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame 2. Claire Danes calls Tel Aviv ‘most intense party town’ 3. Jesse Eisenberg says Judaism made him… More ▸