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Arab-israeli conflict

  • Realism and the Arab peace initiative

    In response to an advertising blitz in Israeli papers promoting the Arab peace intiative, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, writes in the U.K. Guardian that the Arab states should help their Palestinian brethren set realistic, attainable goals rather than perpetuating unattainable fantasies that long have held back the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian Authority recently… More ▸

  • Sending the Lebanese a message

    As Israel floats the idea of a non-aggression pact with Lebanon, Commentary magazine’s Michael Totten writes that even if the pact doesn’t work, it would do well to send a message to the Lebanese people that Israel isn’t interested in fighting them. That’s a message surprising number of people in Lebanon – probably the least… More ▸

  • Unwilling executioners

    More than half a century after a notorious massacre of Arab villagers by Israeli soldiers, Ha’aretz found some of the soldiers who refused to participate in the killings at Kafr Kassem and talked to them about why, and how, and what if. On Oct. 29, 1956, eight members of the Border Police massacred 47 inhabitants… More ▸

  • 9/11 conspiracy

    Western media – and many Western governments – largely have ignored the pernicious smears that have proliferated in the last eight years in the Arab world about 9/11 (calling them “conspiracy theories” gives them more credence than they deserve). Prime among them are that the Jews and Israelis knew about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks… More ▸

  • Mughniyeh museum

    Here’s what they’re teaching the kiddies in southern Lebanon: Revere terrorist masterminds. The New York Times and Ha’aretz both have stories on a new museum in Nabatiye, Lebanon, devoted to glorifying Hezbollah chief Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in February in Syria by unknown assailants. The museum exhibits Mughniyeh’s personal effects, including his blood-stained clothes,… More ▸