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Arrested Development

  • 10 shows that would have had awesome Thanksgivukkah episodes

    Thanksgivukkah isn’t happening for another couple of weeks, but already it has bestowed upon us many gifts, including a great recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with pastrami and pickled red onion, a rapping turkey, and a “Colbert Report” bit so funny the host himself lost it. There’s something else on our wish list for this… More ▸

  • Seth Rogen wants more ‘Freaks and Geeks’

    “Arrested Development” fans who have begun season four (or already finished it–all 15 episodes were uploaded to Netflix at once on Sunday) have had the pleasure of watching Seth Rogen play a young, non-bald George Bluth, Sr. It seems taking part in the revival of a prematurely-canceled cult TV series has gotten the Jewish actor… More ▸

  • First clip from Arrested Development released

    In case you were worried about the all-new Arrested Development being any less brilliant and hilarious than previous seasons, the lovely folks at Netflix have evidence that will put you at ease. In this just-released clip, Lucille, the matriarch of the Jewish Bluth family, enlists the help of her son Buster to get around her… More ▸

  • “Arrested Development” character posters promote new season

    Our most favorite insane, neurotic Jewish family of all time is back…almost. Sadly we won’t be able to enjoy the Bluths again until May 26th when the new episodes begin airing on Netflix. Until then, we can be teased by these just-released posters, which give us tiny hits as to how the characters have changed… More ▸

  • Arrested Development to return to the big and small screen

    My favorite dysfunctional Jewish family, the Bluths, will be returning to television. Yesterday the entire cast and series creator of Arrested Development, which went off the air five years ago, appeared at the New Yorker Festival where they announced that in addition to a feature length film, which will be released in 2013, a 10-episode… More ▸

  • Arrested Development reunion

    Is it true? Is it really happening? Well, sort of. For fans of the cult show, Arrested Development, it’s not the movie we’ve all been dreaming of but at least it’s something. At the New Yorker Festival, the entire cast and show creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, will be appearing on a panel to talk about my… More ▸

  • Famous Jews who wear crosses

    The Jewish Daily Forward just reported that Rachel Weisz, a very Jewish actress, has appeared in the Wall Street Journal wearing a crucifix (as well as some lovely clothing).
    Here are a few other Jews and Jewesses who’ve been caught wearing the most Christian of accessories: More ▸