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  • Focus on Issues Feminist Group Marks Progress,

    With strident calls for action and threats of “taking to the streets” if the issue is not soon resolved, participants in the 10th anniversary conference of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance ratcheted up the rhetoric around the plight of agunot, “chained women” whose husbands refuse to grant them a religious bill of divorce. “Let this… More ▸

  • Reining in Abuse Awareness Center a Clearinghouse

    There is no unabridged database of rabbinic sexual abusers. But there is the Awareness Center. It’s not a physical place, but a Baltimore post-office box, cell-phone number and Web site — — where online surfers can find a listing of scores of Jewish clergy and hundreds of other Jewish officials in positions of trust… More ▸

  • Women’s Rights Leaders Outraged As Conference on Agunot Canceled

    Jewish women’s rights leaders are reeling after Israel’s Sephardi chief rabbi canceled a conference of prominent rabbis that was to deal with the issue of women whose husbands refuse to give them divorce papers. An agunah, which literally means a “chained” woman, is one whose husband refuses to give her a get, a document she… More ▸

  • Police Call for Rape Charge Shows Israeli Attitude Shift on Harassment

    There wasn’t even a term in Hebrew for sexual harassment before Israel’s Knesset passed a law making it a criminal offense in 1999. Soon after the law went into effect, the case of Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai went to trial, and his conviction in 2001 marked the first time in Israel that a political figure… More ▸

  • An Appreciation ‘universal Woman, Particular Jew,’ Betty Friedan Inspired Jewish Feminism

    She was, like most ordinary mortals, a mass of contradictions. Betty Friedan was loud and sometimes imperious, yet she could be charming, funny, gentle, kind and winsome. A public persona, at times her ego needed massaging, but she remained surprisingly unassuming and unpretentious. Though she exuded self-confidence, her vulnerabilities were right out there for all… More ▸

  • Jewish Activists Quiet on Alito As Other Issues Trump Hearings

    For years, the warning that “the future of the Supreme Court is at stake” has been a rallying cry for activists. During several congressional and presidential elections, they argued that the future of reproductive rights and church-state separation hung in the balance. But as the Senate Judiciary Committee vetted Judge Samuel Alito for a seat… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Web-based exhibit traces the history of Jewish women and feminism. "Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution" is available at the Web site of the Jewish Women’s Archive, More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Jewish feminist group claimed credit for a hoax e-mail aimed at the Conservative movement Tuesday. Jewish Women Watching, a watchdog group whose members retain their anonymity as they attack what they see as hypocrisy, sexism and homophobia in the organized Jewish world, claimed credit for an e-mail that claimed the Conservative movement was planning… More ▸

  • Obituary Murray Zuckoff, JTA’s Editor for Nearly 20 Years, Dies at 79

    Murray Zuckoff, a longtime JTA editor in chief, died Sunday in New York of lung cancer at age 79, after a long illness. Zuckoff served as JTA’s chief editor from 1969 to 1987. Those were important years for JTA and for Israel, as they spanned the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and the… More ▸

  • After 15 Years Fighting to Pray, Women of the Wall Are Seeing Gains

    The women’s harmonized prayers grow steadily louder as the sun rises in the early morning Jerusalem sky. They stand in prayer before the Western Wall as they do at the new moon of every month, their presence speaking as loudly as the liturgical words they sing: the Women of the Wall are here to stay…. More ▸