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harry potter

  • Daniel Radcliffe to star in new “Frankenstein” film

    The “Harry Potter” actor has graduated from Hogwarts and is moving onto other fictional roles. 23-year-old Jewish actor Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to play the hunchback assistant to Victor Frankenstein in 20th Century Fox’s new adaption of the 1818 novel, according to Deadline. The new film is written by Max Landis and will be directed by… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe’s circumcision won him new film role

    Daniel Radcliffe, better known for sporting round glasses in the “Harry Potter” franchise, is the star of the new film, “Kill Your Darlings,” which just showed at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. But his on-screen magical acting was not the key factor that helped him land the role of playing the American Jewish Poet Allen Ginsberg, but rather… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe: 10 points. Saturday Night Live: 0

    Legendary (and recently dried up) late-night sketch show “Saturday Night Live” ushered in 2012 with a bang. And by “bang,” I mean hardcore suckiness. With English wizarding legend Daniel Radcliffe hosting and newcomer Lana Del Rey, producers thought the show would be a hit. Unfortunately, they forgot about their crappy writers and past musical disasters…. More ▸

  • Magical glasses give Harry Potter hives

    As a regular anti-histamine popper and nose-spray dependent, I find nothing funny about allergy-induced suffering. Still, I do like people getting into character, and there is no denying that the idea of Daniel Radcliffe being allergic to his glasses on the set of Harry Potter hilariously parallels the nerdiness of his on-screen alter-ego. While reminiscing… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe’s post-Harry Potter venture

    The Boy Who Lived has moved on from the Harry Potter franchise that has made him a millionaire many times over to a role as an early 20th Century lawyer in the film, The Women in Black, which was based on the novel by Susan Hill. The movie is set in a northern England village,… More ▸

  • Harry to marry?

    It’s only been a few weeks since Daniel Radcliffe and girlfriend Roseanne Coker went all PDA on us, and now a friend of the couple said that the two might be taking the Hogwarts Express to the next step of their relationship. The friend told The Sun: “They’re crazy about each other. Dan wants to marry her.” As we… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe reveals girlfriend

    The actor, who recently ended his role as Harry Potter, was finally seen in public with most recent girlfriend, 22-year old Roseanne Coker of Surrey, UK. It is quite the Cinderella story, actually. The two met while Coker was the production assistant on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince back in 2007. Radcliffe and Coker… More ▸