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  • Easier aliyah?

    Is Israel making it easier for North Americans who move to Israel? The Jerusalem Post has a story today that suggests Israel’s Absorption Ministry has become more Anglo-friendly, streamlining some of the bureaucratic paperwork and generally making it easier for North Americans to move to Israel and land on their feet. Is this true? We… More ▸

  • Head of HIAS speaks at rally in Postville

    Sue Fishkoff was in Postville, Iowa for yesterday’s rally there on behalf of the workers at Agriprocessors. Click here for her story. Perhaps the biggest name from the Jewish organizational world to take part was Gideon Aronoff, president and CEO of HIAS. Here’s the text of his speech: Statement of Gideon Aronoff President and CEO,… More ▸

  • AJC to Cable networks: Say no to immigrant bashers

    We still can’t believe that Abe Foxman and Lou Dobbs won’t say anything about the CNN host’s recent bashing of the ADL (these aren’t exactly guys you associate with “no comment”). But American Jewish Committee is now wading into the debate, with a statement criticizing some of the guests on Dobbs’ program and other cable… More ▸

  • Dobbs calls ADL a joke, Olbermann calls Dobbs worst person in the world

    Just to recap: On Monday night, in a debate with Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza, Lou Dobbs accused the ADL of being an “absolute advocate group for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.” Then he took another shot: Well, on Thursday night, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann fired back, giving his daily… More ▸

  • Lou Dobbs calls ADL “a joke”

    In the midst of an on-air debate Monday night with Janet Murguia, an immigrants’ rights activist from the National Council of La Raza (which recently launched a campaign to combat hate speech against immigrants), CNN’s Lou Dobbs called the Anti-Defamation League “a joke” and an “absolute advocate group for open borders and amnesty for illegal… More ▸