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Israel Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron)

  • Israel Marks Memorial Day

    Sirens wailed shortly after sundown last night to mark the beginning of Memorial Day, 24 hours of solemn retrospection, muted ceremonies and private grieving for the fallen soldiers in each of the wars Israel has fought since its founding in 1948. The sirens sounded again this morning, at precisely II a.m. local time to announce… More ▸

  • Israel Marks Memorial Day

    Premier Menachem Begin said today that the principal lesson of the Holocaust was never to underrate those who declare their intention to kill Jews. One of the reasons the Holocaust occurred, he said at the Martyrs and Heroes Memorial Day ceremony at the Yad Vashem here, was the lack of motivation among diaspora Jews to… More ▸

  • Solemn Memorial Day Observances in Israel Proceed Independence Day Celebrations

    Israel observed a solemn memorial day today for its fallen soldiers and the men and women who fought for independence in the pre-statehood era. The memorial period was ushered in by the wailing of sirens yesterday evening. When the sirens sound again tonight, they will mark the start of Israel’s 21st Independence Day celebrations. A… More ▸

  • Memorial Day Observances Precede Israel’s Celebration of Independence

    Israel today observed Memorial Day, an occasion of national mourning for the nation’s war dead. The observance was officially opened when President Zalman Shazar kindled a memorial candle in his home last night. Today he lit a memorial flame in Bar Kochba Square in Jerusalem in the presence of an honor guard of veterans of… More ▸

  • Israel Hushed As Nation Observes Annual Memorial Day for War Dead

    Memorial candles were lit tonight at the home of President Zalman Shazar to mark the beginning of Memorial Day for Israel’s war dead. Sirens were sounded at seven p.m. local time and all places of entertainment closed. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol and Chief of Staff Haim Bar-Lev addressed the nation by radio tonight. Tomorrow, memorial… More ▸

  • British JNF to Plant Memorial Forest for Israel’s Victims of Six-day War

    British Jewry will plant a memorial forest in Israel for those Israelis who died in the Six-Day War, and will also sponsor a “Children’s Victory Forest” in Israel, it was announced here today at the 43rd annual conference of the Jewish National Fund of Britain and Ireland. Both projects will be developed by the JNF…. More ▸

  • Israel Observes Traditional Memorial Day with Solemn Country-wide Rites

    Sirens sounded throughout Israel this morning and flags were lowered to half-mast as the Jews of Israel mourned those who had fallen in Israel’s wars. The Memorial Day observance began last night with prayers in synagogues throughout the country. All places of entertainment were closed. Special services were held at military cemeteries and memorial parades… More ▸