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Jew dun goofed!

  • Joan Rivers won’t apologize for calling Adele ‘fat’

    A few weeks ago, television host/bigmouth Joan Rivers caused more controversy than usual when she commented on Adele’s weight during an interview with David Letterman. One of the most memorable quotes from the interview was when Rivers quipped, “What is her song? Rolling in The Deep? She should add fried chicken!” Classic Joan. And what’s even… More ▸

  • Andy Cohen describes ‘One Direction’ as gay, apologizes

    It’s uncertain what Bravo TV executive and television host Andy Cohen was thinking to himself, when he appeared on the today show immidiately after the popular British-Irish boyband “One Direction” and said: “This morning, I went into the normal green room that we typically go into. I barged in, there are all these people in… More ▸

  • Shia LaBeouf gets in a bar fight in London

    One year, three weeks and six days. That’s how long it took actor Shia LaBeouf to stay out of trouble/bar fights, but now we must start over the count. During a recent visit to London, LaBeouf accompanied actress Mia Goth, who is co-starring with LaBeouf in “Nymphomaniac,” to her mother’s house in the South London… More ▸

  • Is Amanda Bynes in trouble again?

    The former Nickelodeon and movie star, who according to continuing reports is slowly evolving into a hybrid of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, may have gotten herself into yet another pickle. According to TMZ, a Los Angeles woman claims she was rear-ended by Bynes on Ventura Blvd. — and it took her some time to… More ▸

  • Is Amanda Bynes the new LiLo?

    Remember Amanda Bynes? The adorable Jewish actress who starred in Nickelodeon’s sketch show “All That,” and later had her own television show titled “The Amanda Show,” and other television and movies? Apparently her lack of work has made her quite the trouble maker. In March Bynes ran away from a cop while he was writing her a… More ▸

  • Gene Simmons’ most recent target: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    It’s that time again. For all of you who were waiting to hear what KISS’ Gene Simmons will rant about this time, you will not be disappointed. After the long-tongued band leader called Rihanna a “fake karaoke” last week, his current beef is with the Rock N’ Roll all of Fame in Cleveland. In a… More ▸

  • Gene Simmons calls Rihanna ‘fake karaoke’

    Things that never change: the sun shines every morning, the Cubs never win a world series, Yom Kippur comes a week after Rosh Hashanna and Gene Simmons of KISS just always has to rant about something. Last year, Simmons bashed President Obama on CNBC for his 1967 borders speech, saying that Obama “has no f****g idea what he… More ▸