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Jonah Hill

  • Ladies, Jonah Hill is single and is living with his parents!

    After the success of Superbad and following projects, movie star Jonah Hill decided to buy his own house. However, as he told Ellen when the was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the house needed a “little” remodeling before Hill could move in. A “little,” Hill thought, was about three months. Well womp, it’s… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill’s awkward e-mail to Drake

    Jonah Hill sat down with Jay Leno on Monday and told him about a rather awkward yet funny accident he had a while back. As part of his well-buzzed diet, Hill keeps a daily track record of what he is eating, and then report via e-mail to his nutritionist the same day. However, one night… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill tweets a fat joke

    Ah, Jonah. It’s only been a few hours since Yom Kippur and you already have something to atone for next year. Hill tweeted yesterday: I bet Stone Cold Steve Austin has a weird relationship with his chubby twin brother Cold Stone Steve Austin. (21 days til ALLEN GREGORY!) Allen Gregory is Hill’s new animated sitcom… More ▸

  • Feud alert: Jonah Hill vs. Matthew Morrison

    Jonah Hill, who was on Late Night to promote his new film, Moneyball, told Jimmy Fallon (and the rest of the country) about his beef with Glee actor Matthew Morrison (aka Mr. Schuester). Both actors were at the same “douchey” Hollywood party when he tried to eavesdrop on a conversation between Morrison and that Gossip… More ▸

  • Call Jonah Hill this weekend! He might answer!

    Jonah Hill is coming out with a very unique promotion for his new movie The Sitter. The actor will be randomly answering phone calls when you call the number (917) 409-7838, so if you want to tell him what you think about his weight loss, ask him to tell you a joke or just talk… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill to direct Sara Bareilles video

    Is Jonah Hill so scared that losing weight caused him to lose his funny gene that he is exploring new horizons? According to the Rolling Stone, the young actor is going to direct singer Sara Bareilles’ music video for the song “Gonna Get Over You,” which should be released in a few weeks. Bareilles told… More ▸

  • Skinny Jonah Hill — still not as hot as Brad Pitt

    Talk about bad luck! Jonah Hill appears on the cover of New York magazine’s Fall Preview issue with his Moneyball costar and infinitely more attractive human being, Brad Pitt. Now to be fair, very few people can stand next to Brad Pitt and not suffer by comparison. There’s a reason his best friends are other… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill: Before the diet

    The trailer for Jonah Hill’s new movie, The Sitter was just released, and in it we get to see the recently slimmed down and virtually unrecognizable Mr. Hill as we had come to know and love him — large and in charge. From the looks of the trailer (and the NSFW red band trailer), this seems like… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill reveals real reason for losing weight: Brad Pitt.

    Jonah Hill surprised America with his remarkable weight loss, as he was preparing for the film adaptation of the late 80s classic show – 21 Jump Street. While Hill told media that he felt like his old plus-size physique simply can’t “do it anymore,” the latest edition of Star Magazine reports that he had another major motivation:… More ▸