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  • Y.U. wrestles with transgender prof

    I thought I had quite a scoop last week with news that a Y.U. professor was apparently pushed out of his post because of his blog. But leave it to the New York Post to go one better. The Post had quite a shocker today when it reported that Professor Jay Ladin was returning to… More ▸

  • Two Jewish mothers!?!

    Jon Stewart worries that gay marriage in California will lead to children being raised with two Jewish mothers: Someone please let the Daily Show know that there is no need to worry (at least for now)… as noted earlier this week … the ceremony in question was an intermarriage. More ▸

  • Under the chupah

    The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles reports on a lesbian couple’s long road to the chupah: Amid a crush of photographers, a handful of largely drowned-out protesters, and hundreds of supporters tossing rose petals, Diane Olson and Robin Tyler stood under a chuppah on the Beverly Hills Courthouse steps on Monday evening to become… More ▸