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Mazel Tov!

  • Drake re-bar mitzvah makes the best R-rated party

    Drake released the music video for his song “HYFR” (Hell Yeah F***ing Right) and it is quite, umm, festive. The song begins with real footage of little Drake (or Aubrey Graham, which is his real name) saying “Mazal Tov” and dancing with fellow young Jews, as we find out he is a late bloomer, since… More ▸

  • Wait, did Natalie Portman get married?!

    The appearance of blog-sweetheart Natalie Portman and Benjamin Milliepied at the Academy Awards on Sunday wasn’t supposed to be extraordinary in any way, except for one very small (yet very expensive) detail: The two were wearing wedding rings on the red carpet, without telling anyone they got married. According to People magazine, jeweler Jamie Wolf, who is… More ▸

  • Judd Apatow’s awesomeness is finally recognized

    He may not have the storytelling strength of Steven Spielberg or the cinematic artistry of Terrence Malick. But Judd Apatow is finally getting the kudos he deserves as a fantastic director/screenwriter/everything else. The Writers Guild of America will be honoring Apatow at their Feb. 19 awards ceremony, with Kristin Wiig presenting the satirical director with… More ▸

  • Is Drew Barrymore converting???

    First we have Isla Fisher turning to the dark(er skinned semitic) side for love. Then comes along Ivanka Trump, opening her heart to Hashem. And now, Drew Barrymore also might be converting to Judaism for the love of a man! That’s right. According to the New York Daily News, Drew might soon be calling herself… More ▸

  • Jason Segel is Harvard’s Man of the Year

    In what might be the most pretentious comedy honor ever, Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals named Jason Segel their Man of the Year. Claire Danes was named Woman of the Year. While both actors will be bestowed with an official Pudding Pot, Segel will get the extra special honor of being roasted. Not Danes though, maybe… More ▸

  • Isaac Mizrahi says ‘I do’

    Isaac Mizrahi is officially a married man. The volatile fashion designer confirmed his new non-bachelor status on “The Wendy Williams Show,” jokingly flaunting his ringed finger until the host questioned him about it. “We were terrified and decided to just elope at City Hall,” Mizrahi explained. He admitted that he and Arnold Germer, his boyfriend… More ▸

  • Jon Stewart to Fox News: In your face, you lower-ratings disgrace!

    TVNewser ratings came out this week, and let’s just say that Fox caught a huge break with these stats coming out during “The Daily Show” vacation. The report shows that Fox News viewership has gone down by 9% this year, officially averaging fewer viewers than “The Daily Show.”  Stewart’s Comedy Central fake news show, on… More ▸

  • James Franco and Mila Kunis are officially the sexiest of the sexy

    …single Jews in Hollywood, that is. According to a very scientific and objective study conducted by, Franco and Kunis were found to be the sexiest male and female single Yids. Out of thousands of votes cast by singles that frequent the dating site, Franco received 43.9% of the vote for sexiest male and Kunis… More ▸

  • Twilight writer becomes highest-grossing female screenwriter evaaaaa

    Sure, we all know the stars of the “Twilight” series: Kristin “goth hottie” Stewart, Robert “insane bone structure” Pattinson, Taylor “Native my American any day” Lautner. But it seems like we have forgotten the greatest star of all, who’s only getting the credit she deserves now. That is Melissa Rosenberg, writer of the trilogy movies,… More ▸

  • Congrats to the tribe members nominated for Golden Globes!

    The Golden Globe nominees were announced today, and once again the Jews really just dominate that shiz. Below is the list of nominations that are Jewishly inspired, whether through actors, directors, or just general holiness. Mazal tov, kiddos!         Best Motion Picture: Drama –          Moneyball (Jonah Hill and Aaron Sorkin) Best Motion… More ▸