Mila Kunis

  • The 8 Jewish women who made the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 (Bar Refaeli is number 1!)

    History is made, ladies and gentlemen!
    Two of the top three hottest women on earth is Jewish! And like really Jewish, not “my mom is Jewish but I don’t practice” and all that, this is the real deal!
    The 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list came out yesterday, and it features some wonderful sights, including eight Jewish women (one is a cartoon, but who are we to discriminate). Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli tops the list, and superwoman Mila Kunis came in at third.
    Here are all eight of them, their ranking and who they are. Enjoy!
    1. Bar Refaeli

    Israeli Supermodel, entrepreneur and faux Mossad agent.
    3. Mila Kunis

    Ukrainian-American Actress, troops supporter, and life saver.
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  • Mila Kunis stars in Seth MacFarlane’s new film (NSFW)

    You should watch this trailer with your headphones on. It’s got a lot of F-bombs and looks ridiculously stupid. But if you’re into the demented Family Guy humor, you may like this. The movie “Ted,” the film debut of the man behind “Family Guy” and “American Dad,” is about a grown man (played by Mark Wahlberg) and… More ▸

  • This week’s Weekly Sizzle!

    Each week, 6 Degrees No Bacon, the Jewish celebrity blog, brings you the Weekly Sizzle, the six most interesting Jewish celebrity stories featuring commentary from our devoted correspondents. This week’s stories: 1. Guy downs two bottles of Manischewitz wine in a matter of seconds 2. Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson star in Chanukah special, “We Shovel Poo” 3. James… More ▸

  • James Franco and Mila Kunis are officially the sexiest of the sexy

    …single Jews in Hollywood, that is. According to a very scientific and objective study conducted by, Franco and Kunis were found to be the sexiest male and female single Yids. Out of thousands of votes cast by singles that frequent the dating site, Franco received 43.9% of the vote for sexiest male and Kunis… More ▸

  • Mila Kunis had a ball with the Marines

    Yet another celebrity made it to the 236th annual Marine Corps Ball this weekend. This time it was GQ’s Man of the Year Mila Kunis, who followed Justin Timberlake’s footsteps as the distinguished date of Sgt. Scott Moore at the Greenville, N.C. ball.
    Reminder: a few months ago, Sgt. Moore of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, posted a short YouTube clip asking Kunis to accompany him to this year’s ball. It took a few months until the clip became viral, but it eventually created an interesting trend of people asking celebrities out online. Justin Timberlake and Kristin Cavallari attended the balls. Scarlett Johansson and Betty White had to pass. Last week, we reported that a girl who is currently battling cancer asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt out after watching “50/50.” More ▸

  • Mila Kunis is GQ’s Man of the Year

    That’s right, MAN of the year. I mean, why not, right? It’s better to have her photo on the cover of GQ than a bunch of bros. To be honest, Kunis is pictured on only one of several MOTY covers. The others feature Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z and Michael Fassbender. But still. In an interview… More ▸

  • Friends With Benefits blooper reel

    Friends with Benefits — you know that other buddy sex romantic comedy that wasn’t the dreadful No Strings Attached — has just released its blooper reel in anticipation of its DVD launch. There is nothing remarkable or remarkably funny in the snippets that have been allowed onto the interwebs (over at Entertainment Weekly’s website) —… More ▸

  • Mila and Barack: Friends without benefits

    Or to be more accurate — constituent and president.
    In this week’s issue of the U.K. magazine Stylist, Mila Kunis goes on about her love of politics and Barack Obama, though she is admittedly less enthusiastic about him now as she had been in 2008 when she cast her vote.
    I love Barack Obama, I voted for him and I will forever be proud of my vote, so I can’t say anything bad against him…I know that he [Obama] tried. I know because you keep reading these reports of him trying to compromise with the Tea Party and the Republican Party and trying to come to a 50/50 agreement. I don’t think it was one. More ▸