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  • TMZ tries to make T.I. a Jewish Chanukah icon

    SMH*, YouTube video maker. SM mother effin’ H. In this clearly overthought video, a TMZ reporter is trying to convince T.I. to come over to the blue and white side. “Ya gotta do a Hanukkah song, man,” the reporter begs him. Reporter subsequently launches into a Hanukkah rap, tailor made for the hip-hop king himself…. More ▸

  • Aimee Mann and Paul F. Tompkins sing the Dreidel Song

    Aimee Mann, the singer-songwriter best known for her songs on the “Magnolia” soundtrack (“Save Me,” the backing track to that time you considered taking a lot of pills, was nominated for an Oscar), teamed up with Paul F. Tompkins to sing the only popular Hanukkah song–“The Dreidel Song.” Sorry, Orrin Hatch, you meant well but… More ▸

  • Another Winehouse track released

    Just like Tupac, Amy Winehouse hasn’t let death keep her from releasing more material. From her upcoming posthumous album, “Lioness: Hidden Treasures,” here is the soulful song, “Halftime.” Let’s just hope that her record label keeps a few tracks under wraps so there is something new to listen to when the album is released. More ▸

  • Drake talks about Jewish Rappers

    Rapper Drake sat down with Chelsea Handler on her late night show “Chelsea Lately” last week to talk about his new album “Take Care.” Handler asked Drake if there are any other Jewish rappers out there, and Drake told her about Matisyahu and Mac Miller, to which Handler asked, “Do you guys all hang out… More ▸

  • Drake opens up about his racial and religious identity

    In this week’s Village Voice, Drake speaks to one of the preeminent hip hop commentators, Jay Smooth. (Jay has written for the Source, founded one of the earliest hip hop blogs and hosts a popular vlog series called “Ill Doctrine.”) Since the songs from his new album “Take Care” leaked online, Jay takes the opportunity… More ▸

  • Drake: ‘I will still perform at Penn State this weekend’

    Things are going from bad to unbelievable to surreal up in State College, Penn. Last night, students almost burned their campus down when they found out Joe Paterno had been fired by the board of trustees. Though most students are anxiously awaiting the game against Nebraska this weekend (this is going to be one awkward game), another… More ▸

  • Drake’s biggest fear is…

    Before I reveal what Drake posted on his blog yesterday (and what he said in an interview with The Source), let me just say this. When I imagine what Drake could be afraid of, the thing that comes to mind is getting shot. I mean, it happened to him before, or rather to the character he played… More ▸

  • Another Winehouse duet announced

    Shortly before Amy Winehouse died, she sang a duet with Tony Bennett called Heart and Soul. Now a track Winehouse recorded back in 2008 with the rapper Nas, who she sang about in her song Me and Mr. Jones (the MC’s full name is Nasir Jones), has just been made available. Like many of her… More ▸

  • Watch the Kid Cudi horror film directed by Shia LaBeouf

    Finally no negative news about Shia LaBeouf! It seems like LaBeouf became somewhat of the male version of Lindsay Lohan with all the bad attention he’s been getting, but not all is bad for Shia. Not only is LaBeouf still a working actor (unlike LeLo), he’s also been expanding his abilities, lately turning to directing… More ▸