• Another Friend from Congress Dies in Mississippi Plane Crash

    U.S. Rep.Larkin Smith, a Mississippi Republican who was killed in a plane crash Sunday, was “a rising star” among Israel’s supporters in Congress, a pro-Israel lobbyist said Monday. News of the death of Smith came a day after pro-Israel forces learned they had lost a longtime friend in the House of Representatives. Rep. Mickey Leland… More ▸

  • Beth Din Rabbi Dies in Jerusalem

    Some 40,000 mourners attended the funeral here Wednesday of Rabbi Yitzhak Yaacov Weiss, doyen of Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox community. Weiss, who died early Wednesday at the age of 88, presided over the Beth Din (religious court) of the ultra-Orthodox Eda Haredit. Streets were closed to traffic as large crowds gathered in Mea Shearim as soon as… More ▸

  • Another Soldier Dies in Accident

    A reserve soldier was killed Tuesday morning and two other soldiers were injured in the second fatal road accident in two days involving an Israel Defense Force jeep. It occurred in Halhoul, near Hebron in the West Bank, under circumstances that were not immediately clear. The driver is believed to have lost control of the… More ▸

  • Jericho Bus Victim Dies in London

    David Delarosa, 19, a soldier who tried vainly to rescue a woman and children from a firebombed bus near Jericho on Oct. 30, died in London Thursday. He had sustained serious injuries to his heart and lungs from smoke inhalation. Only a heart and lung transplant might have saved his life, and he was flown… More ▸

  • Canadian Said to Be Oldest Jew in World, Dies at 113

    Joseph Joffre died at Maimonides Hospital here Monday at the age of 113. He was possibly the oldest living Jew and one of the oldest men in the world. He succumbed to what were described as natural causes. “He was lucid until the very last moment,” said Minny Greenblatt, the youngest of his 15 children…. More ▸

  • Israeli Dies of Wounds in Bombing; Air Force Retalia Tes in Lebanon

    An Israeli soldier injured in last week’s suicide car-bomb attack in Lebanon died of his wounds Saturday, becoming the eighth fatality in the bloody attack. Motti Steier, a 21-year-old Israel Defense Force captain, succumbed to wounds sustained last Wednesday, when an explosive-laden Toyota blew up in the middle of an IDF convoy patrolling the southern… More ▸

  • IDF Severs Phone Service to Territories As Palestinian Dies in New Violence

    Israeli authorities cut off direct overseas telephone communications from the West Bank and Gaza Strip Tuesday night, the latest in series of punitive measures against Palestinian civil disobedience. But violence continued unabated in the territories Wednesday. One Palestinian died and at least six were injured when the Israel Defense Force acted to break up a… More ▸

  • War Criminal Andrija Artukovic Dies in Yugoslav Prison Hospital

    Andrija Artukovic, the former Croatian interior minister convicted of murdering 700,000 Jews, Croats, Serbs and Gypsies during World War II, died Saturday in a prison hospital in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Artukovic, 89, was deported there from the United States two years ago, after a 36-year battle with U.S. and Yugoslav authorities. The Yugoslavian news agency Tanjug… More ▸

  • Nazi Linnas Dies in USSR

    Accused Nazi war criminal Karl Linnas died Thursday of heart failure following surgery in a Leningrad hospital, according to the Soviet news agency TASS. The 67-year-old Linnas, a native of Estonia who had lived in Greenlawn, NY, for 30 years, was deported April 20 to the USSR, where he was sentenced to death in absentia… More ▸

  • Soviet Cancer Patient Refusenik Dies After His Arrival in Vienna

    Soviet cancer patient Yuri Shpeizman died Sunday in Vienna. The ten-year refusenik succumbed to cardiac arrest immediately after his arrival in Vienna after being released from the Soviet Union. Shpeizman was en route to Israel with his wife, Nelly, to be reunited with their daughter, Rita Levin of Jerusalem, who campaigned for her father’s emigration…. More ▸