Arriving late (that’s more than I can say for Livni)


Sorry, I’m late, but I had a Bat Mitzvah back in N.Y. I missed the opening plenary, but now that I’ve checked in to the hotel, showered and shaved, snuck into one of the fancy dinners for some salad, I’m ready to roll.

Still asking around, but so far, here’s the buzz…

Howard Dean’s speech was way too partisan for this event (it’s a safe bet that the bulk of the delegates at the G.A. are Democrats, but they’re not hear to organize for 2008 or cheer for anti-GOP broadsides; not to mention that there are plenty of GOPers here, including some big donors to the federation system). We’re told that invites went out to President Bush and House Speaker Pelosi; Bush is sending Condi Rice, Pelosi sent Dean.

As Dan Sieradski mentioned, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni backed out. Unclear why. So Israel’s top diplomat isn’t coming, but America’s is. Put aside that this is the annual gathering of a charitable system that sends hundred of millions of dollars a year to Israel, the Annapolis summit is just a few weeks away. Livni has nothing important to say to 3,500 of the most active people in American Jewish life? More on this later.

Now I need to go find a main course.

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