Y-Love + DJ Handler + Idan Raichel + Matisyahu


Here’s a message and video link from Y-Love, the self-described Hiphop activist:

I wanted to give you a heads up on a breakthrough Jewish music video which hit YouTube last night. DJ Handler and Shemspeed.com arranged a musical mashup in front of 1,200 fans at Irving Plaza last night never before seen – the Idan Raichel Project with special guests, Matisyahu and Y-Love.

What is Shemspeed? Mordy Shinefield, the Forward’s music columnist, explains. Here’s the Web site’s account of the big night:

Idan Raichel and dj handler are all set to perform at Irving Plaza when Shemspeed’s good friends Matisyahu and Y-Love let us know they are coming through. We suggest that all of them do a song together. Everyone is psyched and the second they hit the stage it is like a bomb of excitement went off with the sold out thousand+ crowd! Here is what went down!

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