Chicago papers: Take Seals over Footlik


Just in case you forgot during all the presidential hoopla, JTA is looking at the Democratic congressional primary in the 10th District of Illinois, where former Clinton aide and M.O.T. Jay Footlik is vying against Dan Seals to see who will get the chance to take on the strongly pro-Israel Republican incumbent Mark Kirk.

Footlik, who was the Jewish liaison for both Bill Clinton and
John Kerry, and has run a campaign that specifically reached out to the Jews, both in the Heeb-heavy district in the suburbs of Chicago and across the country. He boasts plenty of endorsements from Jewish luminaries, including Alan Dershowitz and Elie Weisel.

Of course, Footlik may have Chutzpah and Night, but now Seals has the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Both of the major Chicago dailies have endorsed Seals – though in neither was it exactly a ringing endorsement.

Here is the Sun-Times endorsement:

“Footlik, a scrappy fighter, is strong in several areas but can’t compete with the complete package Seals offers.

We like Footlik’s Middle East experience – he lived there for four
years, was an adviser to President Clinton and worked for the Peres
Center for Peace. The Buffalo Grove resident is also a founding board member of a nonprofit dedicated to reducing U.S. dependence on oil.

But Seals is the better overall candidate to take on Kirk, a moderate
first elected in 2000.”

And here is the Trib’s:

“There isn’t a great deal of difference between Seals and Footlik on
policy. They’re both smart, well-prepared candidates. Voters, though, might have reason to question either candidate’s long-term commitment to them. Seals still lives a couple of blocks outside the district – he says he can’t afford to move into the 10th. Footlik just recently returned to the area, renting a home in Buffalo Grove.

Seals gets the edge, based on a better grasp of local issues and concerns. He is endorsed.”

As for our endorsement?

We support… Oh shoot Edwards just dropped out of the presidential
race. We need to get onto that. More Feb.5 when the election goes

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