David Duke to Obama: Darn right we’re bitter


David Duke writes an open letter to Barack Obama:

I believe White Americans are increasingly bitter for good reasons. They are indeed frustrated. But again, they have good reasons for that frustration.

Better-qualified White students, employees, working men and women face intensive racial discrimination that you and the other major candidates deceptively call “affirmative action.”

Many White people can no longer use the public school system that their own taxes pay for because “people who aren’t like them” have made their schools awash in violence, educational mediocrity, drugs, sexual degeneracy and gangsta rap.

Millions of White people who have paid exorbitant taxes all their lives can’t afford medical insurance and decent medical care in no small part because “people who aren’t like them,” such as illegal immigrants and able-bodied, welfare parasites, people who have paid no taxes at all, have overloaded the the system.

Millions of White people see that illegal immigrants, “people who aren’t like them,” are illegally crossing the American border and they see clearly that politicians like you, Clinton and McCain won’t even enforce our laws.

They are bitter because unelected economic czars such as Greenspan and Bernanke, Wolfowitz and a whole coterie of Jewish “people who aren’t like them” have ripped them off and have let so-called “free trade” destroy the American economy.

They are bitter because other Jewish Neocon “people who are not like them,” have led us into a catastrophic war for Israel in Iraq, a war that will cost the American people trillions of dollars and that has killed or ruined tens of thousands of American lives (While Jewish dead or wounded are spectacularly underrepresented in those terrible casualties).

White Americans are sick of the fact that their streets are so damned dangerous from “people who are not like them” that they appropriately “cling to guns.”

Christian Americans are also sick of the fact that the Christian meanings of Christmas are being driven from public life, with crosses and nativity scenes banned from public land in our nation’s capital while at Chanukah a huge Jewish Menorah, symbol of Jewish ethnocentrism and Jewish resistance to assimilation, is put across from the White House and dedicated by the Jewish extremists of Habad Lubavitch, vicious anti-Gentiles who claim that Gentiles are little more than animals with “satanic souls.” Of course, in response to the attack on the values, mores and faith of the American non-Jewish, White majority, that “they cling to their religion.” They marvel how they see billions of dollars of their tax money support the “Jewish state” of Israel, but also see it is forbidden to even refer to America as a “Christian nation.”

I realize why you made the comments at a heavily-Jewish, closed-door, no press allowed meeting. Their agenda is not the same as our agenda. The (Jewish) Council of Presidents, an alliance of the biggest and most powerful Jewish organizations in America has exactly the same sentiments as you enunciated in your speech. It is fanatically for open borders, free trade and of course, for gun control. You are their puppet.

You say that you are for the working people, the middle class American, but in reality your biggest single campaign contributor is the Jewish extremist, Goldman Sachs Corporation. Those at Goldman Sachs, are the same extremists that have led America to its economic and social catastrophe. They are the elite of the elite of American politics and media, the heart of the new 21st century American establishment. And, just like the elitist crowd you addressed in San Francisco, they are people not like the average White person in America, not in values, heritage, or interests. Your audience itself was truly “people who aren’t like them.”

The American people need not explain their frustrations. They have legitimate frustrations, and legitimate anger at politics as usual in America.

But, you sir, are a hypocrite, one who says he represents change, but only offers more of the same relentless attack upon the White people of this country and the values and views of White people. Stop trying to pretend otherwise. You, Clinton, and McCain, should run for President of Israel, or Uganda, or Mexico. Not one of you should get a single White American’s vote. You and your other two comrades for President are controlled lock, stock and barrel by, as you say, “people who aren’t like them.”

David Duke

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