Christian Coalition: We love Palin and the GOP’s most pro-life platform yet


The Christian Coalition has issued a statement praising Palin:

Christian Coalition of America commends Senator John McCain for his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a pro-life conservative mother of 5 children including a Downs Syndrome baby born during April. Liberal and pro-life columnist Nat Hentoff said about Governor Palin in his column on May 26th: “I offer my unsolicited suggestion for (McCain’s) vice president: the first woman – and youngest – governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who is an unstereotypical and effective Republican.”

Governor Palin said about her husband’s and her feelings about their newest child: “We’ve both been very vocal about being pro-life. We understand that every innocent life has wonderful potential.” She served notice to her Alaskan constituents after the birth of Trig Paxson Van Palin that being the mother of a child of special needs would not hinder her professional commitments: “It’s a sign of the times to be able to do this. There is no reason to believe a woman can’t do it with a growing family. My baby will not be at all or in any sense neglected.” And she added, “I will not shirk my duties.”

Roberta Combs, President of the Christian Coalition of America said: “Governor Sarah Palin is a bold choice for Vice President who is a courageous advocate for unborn children. In addition, she is a conservative who is a reformer not afraid to shake up the establishment. I congratulate Senator McCain for his outstanding selection for his vice presidential running mate.”

In a separate statement, the Christian Coalition proudly declared that this year’s proposed GOP platform contains “the strongest pro-life language ever in the history of the party.”

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