Political Tidbits: Rudy bumped for Lieberman, Hawaii’s Jewish governor praises Palin

  • Rudy Giuliani bumped for Joe Lieberman tonight at the Republican convention. Lieberman: “I’m not going to spend any time tonight attacking Sen. Obama,” Lieberman told CNN, but he added that he will explain “why I am an independent Democrat voting for Sen. McCain.”
  • Hadassah Lieberman talks to JTA about the same issue.
  • Ha’aretz reports on Republican Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle – the first Jewish chief executive of the Aloha State – saying that Sarah Palin has more on-the-job experience than Barack Obama.
  • Blogger notes that Jews for Jesus leader paid recent visit to Sarah Palin’s church. (Listen to the sermon.)
  • National Journal: Fred Zeidman, a veteran Texas money bundler for both of President Bush’s campaigns, spent two days in Detroit with Sens. Joe Lieberman and John McCain hunting for Jewish support and campaign cash.
  • Calev Ben-David, writing in the Jerusalem Post, opines on the importance of Barack Obama securing the support of Haim Saban.

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